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We can supply our clients’ marketing campaigns and sales analytics with the most accurate consumer data on the market. Discover our unique category offerings.


Obtain  based on a multitude of avaliable consumer locations


Get targeted data based on varying consumer age groups


Segment your data for your campaigns based on gender


Sort data by preferential household incomes

Access verified, GDPR aligned demographic data for your next marketing campaign

All consumer data is fully compliant with GDPR due to a regulated data usage policy.


GDPR Aligned


Enhanced Performance

Specialized and highly targeted categories of data are avaliable for your campaigns

Data can be targeted using a wide range of selections and is selectable by Experian’s Mosaic Groups.


Target by Demographic


Narrow Down By Target Audience

Consumer Data Categories

Collected exclusively on a network of web sites in Ireland, we’ve offer over 200,000 consumer data records between 0-12 months that are highly selectable and link a postal record with an email address and telephone number. The data is fully compliant with GDPR and consistently performs well due to a regulated data usage policy.

Data can be targeted using a wide range of selections, such as the ones displayed, and is likewise selectable by Experian’s Mosaic Groups. Other selections available are Charity Donors, Mail order Buyers, Telecom’s switchers, Utilities by provider and usage, Broadband and Insurance Renewal months.

Over 200,000 validated postal addresses and approximately 4,000 records added every month. 

Over 500,000 GDPR and ePrivacy compliant consumer records contactable by email, telephone, postal and real time lead generation with in-line validation. 

Consumer Data Categories for Marketing Campaigns

Need Help Selecting Consumer Data?

The right type of data can help create personalised marketing and remarketing campaigns that connect better with your customers. With over 30 years of experience, our experts in database collection and distribution are happy to assist clients who may not know what they’re looking for just yet.

We offer over 200,000 consumer data records, as well as 120,000 business records. 

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Get accurate and complete business contact information for your campaigns.

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Verify, cleanse, and enrich your business data for optimal strategy and performance. 


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Ensure your business data is protected and up to GDPR standards and regulations.