Our Sustainability Promise

Empowering Businesses Through Renewable Energy Data Solutions 

At Bill Moss Data we believe that the journey towards sustainability is collaborative. Our commitment to a greener future drives our mission to provide clients with the most advanced data services while minimizing our carbon footprint.

Our commitment

Leading the way with 100% renewable energy database servers 

Our mission is to provide clients with the most advanced data services while minimizing environmental impact.

Our unique process harnesses the power of renewable wind energy to fuel our data servers. This ensures that every piece of information we process is done so with a minimal environmental impact.


OUR Energy Reductions by numbers

KGS of C02 Saved Per Year using renewable energy

Cars worth of energy commuting back and forth for a year

Our Initiatives

Paperless Products

We have embraced paperless products, relying on digital documents, e-signatures, and online collaboration tools to minimize paper usage and enhance efficiency.

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Paper accounts for around 26% of landfill waste and 33% of municipal waste every year.

By going paperless we can minimize our consumption and decrease the demand for materials. 

Renewable Energy

Our offices and data servers are proudly powered by 100% renewable wind energy, demonstrating our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly operations.

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Using 100% renewable wind energy as part of our supply chain helps reduce our impact across the board. Our commitment not only minimizes our carbon footprint, but also the footprints of our clients using clean energy data. 

Zero Waste Offices

Our locations are dedicated to achieving zero waste by implementing recycling practices and reusable products, fostering conscious work spaces.

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We proudly operate a zero waste office space, where sustainability meets innovation. Every aspect of our space is designed to reduce waste at its source.

From comprehensive recycling programs to the integration of reusable materials, we’ve crafted a workspace that showcases our dedication to a circular economy.

Rooftop Garden

We maintain an eco-friendly rooftop garden reducing urban heat island effects, capturing rainwater, and promoting biodiversity in the heart of Dublin.

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With native plants, sustainable design, and a commitment to eco-friendliness, our rooftop garden serves as a testament to both community and functionality.

Whether our employees are seeking a serene retreat or a place to connect with nature, our Dublin rooftop garden offers a breath of fresh air and a glimpse into our native plants and wildlife. 

Our Values

The Future Begins With Change

As we embrace the principles of ESG responsibility, we understand that our actions today shape the world of tomorrow. Through placing an emphasis on sustainability, ethical practices, and full transparency, we stay committed to creating a net positive impact on our community. Discover how we’re paving the way for sustaianble B2B operations in Ireland.


Renewable energy is deeply valued in our company as a cornerstone of our commitment to a sustainable and greener future. Our goal is to make clean, afforable data for global companies. 


Our community is at the heart of everything we do, as we believe in fostering strong relationships and making a positive impact where we live and work.


Recycling and conservation are highly valued as essential practices in our commitment to preserving the environment for current and future generations.


We place a profound value on our responsibility to both our community and the environment, recognizing that their well-being is linked to our own.


Integrity is a core value that guides our every action, as we believe in upholding honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all aspects of our work and relationships.

Powering the B2B transition

Our Campaign for Renewable Data

Ethical and sustainable data should be accessable and affordable to every business. That’s why we’re on a mission to create sustainable data solutions that help our customers grow through fully renewable energy.

We believe our clients should know and understand where their data is sourced and the ethical process behind it. It’s one of the many ways we’re bringing honesty, efficiency, and affordability to the B2B technology industry.

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