B2B Data Cleansing 

Clean, Verify, and Enhance your Database with B2B Data Cleansing

Accurate data leads to better decision making.

Identify and eliminate errors, incorrect data, duplicates, corrupted data, or any incomplete records in your datasets for optimized utility within your organization. 


What Is Data Cleansing?

Data cleansing is the process of preparing, processing, and cleaning data for use in marketing campaigns, sales initiatives, or CRM support and success.

Our process involves repairing, deleting, and normalizing data to fix common errors that inhibit uses and drive up costs.


Some common data issues that we can help with:

Duplicate Data

Duplicate customer records break up the single customer view that is shared by all of your in-house teams. It is important that every customer in your CRM has only one record so all your departments have the full context to guide their interactions with the customer.

Inconsistent Data

Ensure that all fields follow a consistent format. Having a singular entry format ensures that you won’t run into issues down the road and that the data can be used seamlessly with other software integrations.

Outdated Records

Our data cleansing process will help you to remove and correct any outdated or redundant data to improve usability and minimize inaccuracies. 

General Errors and Typos

Whenever a human enters data manually, you can be almost positive that there are going to be some mistakes. Simple errors, like a surname being in all-caps or a mispelled company title break personalization and can hinder marketing automation campaigns.

Our Data Cleansing Service

Our signature data cleansing service ensures that you have accurate, useful data for the people, processes, or systems in place for your business.

We’ll help you cleanse and enhance your database in a cost effective and time efficient manner so that you can make the most out of your business data. 

Database cleansing and enrichment services

Our Full Data Cleansing Service Includes:

free quote on your business data

Free Quote On Your Data

Receive a free quote to determine the cost of cleansing your dataset and timeline

data merging, cleansing, and analysis

Data Merging and Analysis

Your data is securely provided to us for a merge with our own database for analysis

data cleansing process by Bill Moss Data

Data Cleanse

Our expert data team will cleanse your chosen data set of any errors and duplicates

data visualization

Data Enrichment

Your data can be enriched and supplemented with our own verified data sets

Post Enrichment Decisions

We’ll send you back both the enriched and cleansed data sets, and you can decide to keep both sets or just take the cleansed data as is

Clean Data is Returned

Your cleansed data is sent back to you in your chosen format enhanced, organized, and free of errors and duplicates

Data Enhancement Options

Alongside our data cleansing service, we also offer data enrichment, where your cleansed data can be enhanced by adding verified contact information from our own B2B database.


Get in touch with one of our experts for more on our data enhancement services and packages.

Optimize your data for analysis

Verified business data up to this year's date

Full spectrum data categories

Enhance your data integrity and quality

Need Additional GDPR Support?

To help ensure that your data is stored properly and within GDPR regulations, we offer additional quarterly GDPR Compliance Reports to help protect your data from old data in violation of GDPR requirements.

Ask a team member about how you can supplement your database cleansing service with GDPR support.